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The Virtual Traveller aims to provide easy-to-use geographic information to help you plan your trip. The Virtual Traveller is supported by advertisements but free to users.

System requirements

This application has been designed to work with modern browsers. Internet Explorer should be version 8 or newer. Javascript must be enabled. Map parameters are stored in cookies but this feature requires that cookies are enabled.


The Virtual Traveller takes every care to ensure its data is correct and up-to-date. However, we cannot accept any responsibility for errors. It is the user's responsibility to check important details with the provider concerned.

Privacy Policy

The Virtual Traveller does not collect your personal information. We do collect anonymous usage statistics.


As you move round the map, current map parameters are saved in cookies on your device. These parameters will be used to setup the map as you left it on your next visit. Advertisers may also save cookies in accordance with their own privacy policies. Your continued use of the site will taken to imply your consent.


The Virtual Traveller is not connected with any of the sites described herein. We acknowledge all trademarks.

Mapping system: Google Maps

Map data © OpenStreetMap Contributors. Licence

Software development: HTML-Kit and codeanywhere.

HTTP, CSS, Javascript & PHP reference & tutorials: W3Schools

ISP: PlusNet

Domain registration & hosting: eUKhost

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