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Calendar Widget

This is the home page for TopCode's Calendar widget.

There are many calendar widgets around. What makes this one different is that its easily customizable. Size, fonts, colours and borders are all changeable. A webmaster can also setup day and month names in a different language.

To use this calendar on your site, put this html markup in your site:

<iframe src=""
width="230" height="190" frameborder="0" scrolling="no">

Customize this calendar

Use the form below to set your own parameters.

  • Leave fields blank for default values.
  • Font sizes, widths and heights must be in px. Don't use the "px" suffix.
  • Colours must be either color names or hex numbers, for example: #930 or #99ff33. You can use the colour picker.
  • Click submit. This page will update to show your customised calendar and revised markup.
  • When you're happy, copy the html markup and put it in your site.

Parameters table

Description Name Default Value
calendar width excluding border ww 230
calendar height excluding border wh 190
font family ff Arial
font size fs 14
border width bw 2
border colour bc DarkGray
divider width dw 1
divider colour dc LightGray
controls background colour cc Blue
controls font colour cf White
day name background colour hc LightBlue
day name font colour hf Black
today background colour tc Orange
today font colour tf Black
normal day background colour nc White
normal day font colour nf Black
other day background colour oc Gainsboro
other day font colour of Grey
first day of the week
from 0 to 6, 0 for Sunday
fd 0
comma separated day names list dl S,M,T,W,T,F,S
comma separated month names list ml Jan,Feb,Mar,Apr,