Custom developments for the Jadu® cms

"Today's date" widget

This page only applies to users of the Jadu® content management system.

Widget features

  • Displays the time and date when the current page loaded

What does it look like?

Today's date widget

This is an example. The actual appearance is determined from your site's style sheet.


This is a do-it-yourself widget. Login in to your cms and select the "Utilities\Widget manager" menu item. Create a new widget, and copy and paste this code in the "Front end" box:

print "Its ";
print date("g:ia", time());
print " on ";
print date("l, d/m/Y", time());

Copy the code exactly, unless you have PHP skills. Don't use a sophisticated word processor like MS Word because they can auto-correct text, which is unhelpful when manipulating code.

Now select the "Publishing\Homepages" menu item in your cms, and drag and drop the new widget into place on a homepage.


There is no charge for this widget. Please remember where it came from when you want something more demanding!