Custom developments for the Jadu® cms

Galaxy and widget styling

This page only applies to users of the Jadu® content management system.

You'll know the Jadu© cms allows an editor to apply a custom style to widgets. But it can be tricky to write the style using css code to get just the look you want. TopCode can help by writing a custom style for you.

Styling features

  • apply widget borders
  • apply a background colour to the whole widget
  • apply a background colour to the heading
  • change the text spacing
  • styles can be applied to any widget
  • a "list widget styles" widget is available so you can see all your styles on one page - an understanding of CSS code is required to read them
  • Galaxy styling, custom galaxy styling and styling bug fixes

TopCode is unwilling to edit your primary site's style sheets as this may prejudice your support contract.

What does it look like?

Styling example

This is an example. A widget style is used to apply a faint grey background to the heading and a border in a slightly darker grey subtly emphasis the text as a heading.


This service is provided by TopCode's developer and requires temporary access for TopCode to parts of your cms.


Requirements vary between customers and systems, so charges are by quotation. Charges include installation and maintenance for 1 year. TopCode is not registered for VAT.

Alternatively TopCode can provide services at an hourly rate, if required through your preferred agency staff supplier.

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