Custom developments for the Jadu® cms

"List galleries" widget

This page only applies to users of the Jadu® content management system.

Widget features

  • See all your galleries in one place
  • The gallery titles and descriptions are pulled through from the relevant galley editing screen
  • The list changes as galleries are added, edited or deleted
  • Only galleries which are live and visible and contain items are listed
  • The photo used is the featured item - if no featured item has been set, any image from the gallery is used
  • Unlike the built-in galleries list, this widget can be used on homepages with other content

What does it look like?

List galleries widget

This is an example. The actual appearance is determined from your site's style sheet.


Widgets are customised to suit the customer's requirements, Jadu® cms version, setup and styling. Installation is by TopCode's developer and this requires temporary access for TopCode to parts of your cms. Widgets are installed through the cms and do not alter the Jadu® cms source code.

After installation, your webmaster uses the cms to put widget instances anywhere where they are required. Each instance can be configured using widget settings.


Requirements vary between customers and systems, so charges are by quotation. Charges include installation and maintenance for 1 year. TopCode is not registered for VAT.

Your licence to use any TopCode code lasts indefinitely. You may modify the code for your own use, but you may not pass it on to third parties.

Alternatively TopCode can provide services at an hourly rate, if required through your preferred agency staff supplier.

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