Custom developments for WordPress webmasters

Graphs and diagrams

Its no problem to produce a single graph or a diagram and upload it into the multimedia manager for use anywhere on your website.

Its somewhat more tricky to produce it on the fly by taking data from a variable data source, but TopCode can code a plugin to make this possible.

Graphs and diagrams

  • produce graphs or diagrams on the fly from transient or directory data
  • the widget can include user controls, such as buttons, dropdowns or dialog boxes.


Plugins are developed to the customer's requirements, setup and styling. Installation is by TopCode's developer and this requires temporary access for TopCode to parts of your cms. Plugins are installed through the cms and do not alter the cms source code.

After installation, the webmaster uses normal WordPress procedures to configure the plugin using settings.


Requirements vary between customers and systems, so charges are by quotation. Charges include installation and maintenance for 1 year. TopCode is not registered for VAT.

Your licence to use any TopCode code lasts indefinitely. You may modify the code for your own use, but you may not pass it on to third parties.

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