Custom developments for the Jadu® cms

Emailed content

This page only applies to users of the Jadu® content management system.

TopCode can write custom widgets to use content from emails. Content can be text or pictures. This will allow you to publish remotely or automatically.

Widget features

  • Your authorised users can submit content by email
  • Content is displayed in an iframe on a homepage or document page
  • To prevent automated posting of unauthorised content, the email address should remain confidential and emails should contain a password

Corporate email systems have too much security for this to work, so the way to do it is to setup a mailbox on a shared hosting service. At page load time, a script on the hosted service will search the mailbox for emails and display the content. Several providers can supply shared hosting for around £100 per year.

What does it look like?

In this example, an automated camera takes a photograph every 30 minutes of a building under construction. The camera emails the photo to a secret mailbox. The page load script finds the latest email and displays the photo

Emailed content

This is an example. The actual appearance is determined from your site's style sheet.


No access to the cms is required. Installation is on a separate hosted server and your webmaster can link to the service from the primary site.


Requirements vary between customers and systems, so charges are by quotation. Charges include installation and maintenance for 1 year. TopCode is not registered for VAT.

Your licence to use any TopCode code lasts indefinitely. You may modify the code for your own use, but you may not pass it on to third parties.

Alternatively TopCode can provide services at an hourly rate, if required through your preferred agency staff supplier.

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