Custom developments for the Jadu® cms


A site about the services available from Topcode Website Services Limited for Jadu® webmasters. The Jadu cms is supported up to v1.12. Have a look round and see what's possible!

Services for Jadu® cms webmasters

TopCode specialises in helping Jadu® cms webmasters push the boundaries of the standard product with services such as:

  • Coding and installation of custom and standard widgets
  • Integrated data-rich applications
  • Linking to external APIs, such as the NHS, Police and TfL
  • Meeting accessibility requirements and improving your Sitemorse ranking
  • Content migration and compliance with your editorial standards


Check out the links on the left to see some great Jadu® widgets written by TopCode. If you would like a custom widget, please contact us for a quotation.

Content management

Need a hand with content editing, error checking and rectification or just tidying up? TopCode can help. Contact us with your requirements for a quotation.


Widgets are installed through the cms and do not alter the Jadu® source code. TopCode is not recommended or endorsed by Jadu®.

WordPress & WooCommerce

TopCode can also help with styling, bug resolution and custom developments for your WordPress site. We specialise in WooCommerce. Check out our developer's profile on Contact us with your requirements for a quotation.


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